Exclusive Carp Holidays

Bivvy Swims

There is only one Bivvy  swim available for bivvied anglers on The Mead, although we have 4 in total 3 of these are taken by The Retreat Lodge, The Main Lodge and Sadies Lodge.  The Point swim is a large, clean and purpose built double and commands a large piece of the lake to fish.  The Point Swim is located on the far bank at the rear end of the lake and has produced some fantastic results for anglers.  To the left of the swim is a large lily bed and coming out from the bank you will find gravel bars and a few troughs and holes which are always good to fish to.  To the right of the swim you will find a very intimate bay with overhanging trees and a wall of reeds all fantastic fish holding areas.  Located in this bay is a silt bed full of blood worm and all other naturals like fresh water shrimp and fresh water snails which the carp absolutely gorge on at times throughout the year.  One of my aerators is located here also and this represents a magnet for the carp when it is on. To the front of The Point swim you also have the rear point of the island which is yours to fish to and again you will always be in with a shout fishing at this location.  The Point swim again commands a large piece of the lake to fish and always surprises our anglers with the results they can achieve.  The swim itself is all reed lined either side making it very intimate and quiet and like all our other swims is very clean under foot.  You will find plenty of under water features also, both man made gravel bars and humps which I had put in on construction of the lake and where the carp have been seeking out blood worm beds creating plenty troughs and pockets on the lake bed.  So all in all Olivemead Lake is a true carp anglers water.  Constructed in the late 1960’s and drained down and totally re-constructed in 2008 Olivemead Lake has fast become The UK’s Number 1 specimen Carp Holiday Venue. You can now book a bivvy slot on-line  and pay using our secure pay-pal account. (book a swim on-line)