Exclusive Carp Holidays


2012 Season Summary

Well the 2012 season has come to a close and what a season it has been. The best season ever at The Mead and I really do believe that 2013 will exceed it and the lake will see another lake record, why? because the carp which reside in The Mead are gaining weight all the time and the majority of them are still relatively young fish with much growing to do. With three carp going over 34lb and all 3 fish gaining almost 4lb in weight in one season any one of them could break the current lake record of 34.12oz. Should this trend continue The Mead could potentially produce its first 40lb carp in 2013 which will be a fantastic achievement. A lot of credit has to go to Olivemead lakes anglers who, for the most part, are well experienced carp anglers who appreciate the immaculate condition of my fish and their environment. So I thank you all, except those few who were thrown off for breaking the rules. Thank you for your fish care and I very much look forward to seeing you all back at The Mead In 2013.

2012 saw a massive number of carp caught over 20lb and 30lb. We had over 160 carp caught over 20lb, approximately 90-100 being different fish, with more than 25 of these fish going over 25lb+ and we also had an incredible 26 carp caught which were over 30lb+ and again 19 of these were different fish. So to have 3 acres of water with 185 carp in residence and more than 120 of these going over 20 and 30lb I think it is a very rare and special water to fish. The remaining fish, except around 30, are over 16lb in weight which really does make for a fantastic fishing experience.

Finally I would like to mention a few people who have put in the fishing hours at The Mead and have been rewarded with some great catches. Clive and Jamie congratulations with what can only be described as a catch of a life time with both fishing for 7 days and landing no fewer than 90+ carp with 28 going over 20lb+ and 2 going over 30lb+. And Mark who landed, among many other large carp, 2 x 29lb+ carp in the same session but couldn’t find his first elusive 30lb+ carp then smashes his p.b with a new 30lber for the lake at 32.12oz and to Dale who is top rod for 30′s at The Mead and holds the current lake of 34.12oz. Dale has up to now landed 8 different 30′s from Olivemead with a brace of 30′s which featured in Carp Talk magazine in November.

A big big thank you to you all and to all our anglers who have graced the banks of The Mead, long may the success of The Mead continue and I’m sure there are many stories to come. See you all in 2013.