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2013 Season So Far

2013 Season so far: Up to November, a quick overview:

What a phenomenal season 2013 has been for us here at The Mead and it has exceeded all my expectations.  We started off the year with absolute freezing conditions but on the 31st January, Mark, banked a beautiful and pristine mirror weighing over 32lb and this carp looked stunning in its winter attire. Although the weather and temperatures didn’t improve and the winter clung on like a man on a cliff edge the carp still wanted to play and play they did. January saw 15 x 20lb+ carp caught and 1 x 30lb+ with 10 anglers fishing for the month.

February – Although temperatures didn’t improve the fishing did and the number of anglers frequenting The Mead grew. We ended the month with another 2 x 30’s and 26 x different 20’s being caught which was setting us up for record breaking season as 2012 saw 150 x 20’s get caught and 22 x 30’s grace the bank.

March – and things are not really improving weather wise but The Mead carp continue to keep our anglers happy. The lake is starting to get busier but there isn’t much sign of life from the surrounding trees or flowers.  This month however see’s over 30 x 20’s get caught and another 3 x 30’s make mistakes and find themselves giving some of our anglers new personal bests.  To say I was happy was an understatement but the cold snap was beginning to get every one down.

April- Things start to finally warm up and for the next 5 weeks The Mead is booked out exclusive to our regular anglers.  The fishing had become quite prolific and plenty of 20’s and 30’s are putting in appearances.  It’s amazing the amount of p.b’s which have been had here at The Mead and to see the huge smiles on the faces of those who are lucky enough to achieve there goal makes all the hard work more than worth while.

May, June, July, August, September, October and November – Here things get hectic as we become virtually fully booked and catch rates increase, not in quantity but in quality.  I will talk about a couple a couple of examples in brief which have stayed in mind over the last weeks and which have made me realise how fortunate I am have such a fantasic lake where peoples dreams can and do truly come true.

Friday 19th July – Sunday 21st July

Russell Oliver comes to The Mead for the first time. Russell is terminally ill and his personal best carp is 18lb.  Chatting with Russell he informs me that his goal before he passes away is to land a 20lb+ carp so I put my neck on the line and tell him that the first carp, should he be lucky enough to catch one, will be over 20lb, that is the confidence I have in The Mead. The Saturday afternoon/evening Russell calls me to for a photo and to weigh his first fish that he has just landed from The Mead.  Will  it go 20lb? I don’t think I have ever seen a happier angler and as the tears rolled down Russell’s face the scales shot round to 22lb+ and again The Mead makes the dreams of an angler come true, a very emotional moment and absolutely amazing!!!  Russell has managed to visit The Mead on 3 more occasions, blanking on his second trip, getting another p.b on his third trip landing a 23lb+ mirror and on his last visit in Aug/Sept smashed his p.b again with a stunning 31lb+ mirror but that first personal best he caught will stay with me as one of the best moments I have had at The Mead up to now.  God bless you mate!

Saturday 10th August – Saturday 17th August

This week saw our regulars, Keith Puffett party, return to do battle with the residents of The Mead.  These boys have booked a week exclusive with us every year since I have owned the lake from 2007.  And this week they absolutely smashed it landing no fewer than 47 carp between them, the best session for big carp The Mead has ever experienced.  What makes this catch extra special is that out of the 47 carp caught the boys only landed 2 under 20lb which were 18lb and 19lb with 2 x 30’s gracing the net.  Top rod this week was Scraggy who fished in the snug swim and landed over 20 x 20lbers carp himself and had the 2 x 30’s. A phenomenal weeks fishing and a massive well done boys and thank you for such a memorable week at The Mead.

Finally, 2013 has been a record breaking year for The Mead and for now, so far 2013 has seen more than 200 x 20lb+ carp landed and 30 x 30lb+ carp landed with a new lake record of 37.4oz so to say I am happy is a total understatement, long may it continue!

Of Massive Interest 

The end of 2013 or beginning of 2014 is going to see a huge surprise at The Mead, a surprise which is going to make all our anglers want set up permanent residence on the banks of the South Wests number one specimen carp holiday venue, watch this space!!!!!!