Exclusive Carp Holidays


February 2014

1st February

Well this month hasn’t been bad at all for carp so far considering the relentless rain we have had here in the south west. As i write it’s blowing a hoolie (23/02/14) and we are having fish caught with a lot movement on the water. We kicked the month off with some new anglers on the water but to be fair with the poor conditions they struggled to land any carp but 3 lumps were lost, one being a 30lb+ lost to regular Steve at the net.  Then we had well known professional angler Ian Macmillan spend a 36hr session in The Main Lodge to do a photo shoot for some new tackle and again conditions were against him and to be fair Ian didnt really fish hard and alas didnt manage to bag a Mead carp, but he will be back later in the year to do battle with The Meads “Hippo’s” so watch this space.  Valentine’s saw more new faces on The Mead and also one of our regulars, Damo and his wife have a go for a winter carp.  Damo was fishing from The Main Lodge in pretty poor conditions and following a lot of pre baiting by myself with 50kg of The Meads carp pellet he proceeded to landed 2 stunning carp which both went 20lb+.  A brief rest bite for the carp then then we had the lake booked out exclusive by Anthony Gordon and his friends but this time the carp seemed to be waking up a bit and I have kept the feed going in with 50kg of our carp pellet every 2-3 days and they are munching there heads off on it.  Anthony was fishing from The Oak swim close to the areas where i had fed aroung 25kg of the pellet the day before.  At 7.30am on friday 21st I had a phone call from him asking me to come and see “The Hippo” he had just caught. I took our scanner with me and when I saw the carp I knew it was a new 40 or at least upper 30lber.  We proceeded to scan the beast and the number did indeed show that it was a totally different fish from our other 40’s, could this be Olivemead’s 4th different 40lber??? Alas no but what a fish it was weighing in at 39lb 2oz and which smashed Anthony’s previous P.B. by 12lb.  Anthony then had the priviledge of naming this “Hippo” which is now known as “TUBBY’S FISH”!  A massive well done and huge congratulations goes to Anthony Gordon for what can only be described as an awesome winter catch and a fish of a life time.

Saturday 22nd February

This weekend has seen newbies to The Mead Jimmy and Jade both fishing from The Main Lodge and coming to the lake for a nice chill out with no expectations just a good time where a carp would be a bonus.  Well think again, they are having a great break in The Lodge and as a bonus the carp gods have seen fit to reward both anglers with new p.b’s, Jimmy landed a stunning common weighing in at 23lb 8oz and Jade has landed an absolute stunning mirror weighing in at 22lb 9oz.  Well done to both of you and glad your weekend break has proved to be a memorable one.