Exclusive Carp Holidays


January 2014

New lake record Goliath weighing in at 44lb caught by regular angler Dale

New lake record Goliath weighing in at 44lb caught by regular angler Dale


40lb 4oz

Dale with Brutus weighing in at 40lb 4oz

WELCOME TO THE HIPPO SANCTUARY Well late December/early January has proved to be the best couple of winter weeks The Mead has seen. Stewart has got well into the carp landing some stunning specimens to over 25lb+. Then there was Rusty who managed to land carp up to 24lb+ And Andy and Clive who have put in a fair bit time over the last couple of weeks and have been rewarded handsomely so far with Andy landing carp, pike and specimen perch to over 3lb+. Clive has landed some stunning pike to well over double figures and plenty of carp to well over 28lb+. Then there is regular angler Dale who has over the last 2 years landed around 10 different 30’s from The Mead and he has today, 15/01/2014, landed a stunning 22.8oz mirror and A NEW LAKE RECORD AND THE MEADS FIRST 40lber  weighing in at a huge 40.4oz. Well done to you all and may the hippos continue feeding and growing. So there you have it so far a few 20’s and our first 40lber coming out so early in the season, what will the big girl weigh nearer spawning?? Keep watching! WELL they say you can wait an hour for a bus then two come along at once! it’s the same at The Mead today, 16th January 2014. We knew we had a few lumps in here and opinion was that last years 37.4 lake record would go 40lb by spring??? Well as you know, see above, that fish did indeed go 40lb, but last night and this morning Dale moved a rod into The Oak swim and fished just in front of the point swim. His rod rattled off and he landed another 40lber, the one which swims with the previous lake record and was caught from almost the same spot as I had the previous lake record from. The carp in question weighed 44lb on the nose and last out almost 2yrs ago I think, weighing 33lb+. So Dale took his own lake record which he held for a few hours and replaced it with an even bigger chunk. A few hours later Nigel comes for the first time to fish the lake. dale puts him in The Oak Swim and shows him the spot where he had the 44lber from earlier that morning. So Nigel takes his advice and fishes the same spot, fish were still showing there. Dale phoned me around 6ish to tell me that Nigel had caught the same fish he had that morning from the same spot too!!! Brilliant angling lads and congratulations to both of you on new p.b’s. Well what a week and today, 18/01/14, another one of our regulars Stewart, has banked SINGLE SCALE at an all time heaviest weight of 40.6oz. Yes 40.6 oz of pure power, single scale is one of our first 30’s we ever had and hasn’t been out for a while. Anglers have commented that they have lost this fish at net and that it was huge but until you get it on the bank you really don’t realise the enormity of these carp and SINGLE SCALE is another HIPPO! Stewart fished from The Cabin and literally jumped in the following day after Dale vacated it. fish were on the bait and were coming to massive beds of bait. Stewart told me he had a good feeling about this day and fishing from The Cabin, the best swim on the lake, was a bonus. Later that afternoon Stewart called me and asked if I would take a photo for him “oh! And you had better bring another bottle of Champagne with you I’ve got another 40!!!!!” The rest as they say is history and this my friends has well and truly put Olivemead Lake on the carp fishing map. To date from January the 1st (19 days ago) just from memory The Mead has produced a couple of stunning high doubles, approximately 12 different 20’s to 29lb and 3 X different 40’s.

25 January 2014

ANOTHER 40lber for “THE MEAD”

Well you would think it was spring the way the Carp are feeding.  Jamie’s first trip to “The Hippo Sanctuary” and fishing from Martha’s Pod he landed another 40lber, The Meads 3rd 40lb+ carp, and a new personal best for Jamie. The fish put up a magnificent fight but Jamie won the day for a new p.b of 40.2oz. Only fishing for a 48hr session Jamie also went on to land another low 20lb+ mirror which would also of been his new p.b had he not had one of our “Hippos” first. Well done Jamie and welcome to “The Meads” exclusive 40’s club.